2017 Digital Marketing Trends

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As expert Internet Marketers who are “in the trenches” within the Digital Marketing World, we are here to bring you the most legitimate list of 2017 Digital Marketing Trends in existence. A new breed of cutting-edge and innovative digital marketing trends are certainly emerging as 2016 wraps up! For those who own businesses or conduct internet marketing for enterprises, staying on top of new online marketing and advertising strategies can be increasingly tough. Paid advertising and PPC remains more competitive than ever, and this fact will remain true for 2017. Year over year, we witness the competitive nature of paid digital marketing dramatically increase. CPC (Cost per click) and CPE (Cost per engagement) continue to rise for those who are not current on proper strategies.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends – What to Expect and What is Hyped?

This is one of those topics that internet marketers read numerous articles about during every Q4 season. Each new year-end is riddled with many hyped-up digital marketing theories and broad assumptions via journalists and non-marketers alike. This year, we’ve decided to compile a list of actual Online Marketing Trends that you should keep on your radar for the upcoming New Year.

Our 2017 digital marketing trends are based upon our own company operations. We’ve managed thousands of paid Pay per click / Digital Marketing campaigns and can provide you with the most accurate first-hand account of the top emerging trends of 2017.


1. PPC Click Fraud is On the Rise – How You Can Block It for Good

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Click fraud is a very real thing, although most online marketers are not even aware of the scale in which it truly exists. What exactly is click fraud? Click fraud occurs when fake bots or “computers” generate falsified clicks to your pay per click campaign ads. This results in wasted ad spending, lower conversion rates, and of course…lower ROI. Click fraud occurs in nearly every industry. However, if you find your business in a more competitive industry, click fraud can occur on a much larger scale. Competitors often deploy click fraud services to falsely click on their competitor’s ads, thus draining their ad budgets much quicker. We have client accounts that have shown as much as 70% of click fraud rates before we began management of their PPC campaigns.

We are one of the very few PPC Management Companies in the world that has the technology to detect and eliminate click fraud to our client’s accounts. We even send our clients weekly reports that show them the exact click fraud that was detected and blocked, thus saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.


2. Unconventional and “Out of the box” Is the The New “Necessary” of Online Advertising

We no longer live in the age where a company can deploy a cookie-cutter Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or Paid Advertising campaign without much further thought other than which keywords they’d like to bid on. It is no longer “set and forget”, nor is it as simple of a process as it used to be. Digital Marketing has taken on completely new shapes and has quite literally become more competitive and more expensive than many marketers ever thought it would be. While some of the most lucrative and competitive industries pay upwards of HUNDREDS of dollars per click, Paid Search and PPC professionals are being forced to come up with newer and more innovative paid advertising methods that inject their clients with fresh numbers of increased ROI and lower cost per engagement. We have seen this first-hand out PPC Marketing Experts, and we are proud to be solid practitioners of virtually unheard of strategies that produce big time results for our clients.

We have witnessed the increasingly significant cost hikes of digital marketing first-hand at PPC Marketing Experts, and we are proud to be solid practitioners of virtually unheard of strategies that produce big time results for our clients.


3. Mobile Views are Increasing – Segment NOW!

2017 Marketing StrategiesWe have been in this industry for over 17-years. We view a LOT of website analytics data from thousands of websites. One of the most dramatic trends of the past few years has been the rise of mobile buying, mobile lead generation, and mobile website traffic. We are now seeing client websites that have mobile traffic numbers surpassing their desktop traffic numbers. This was unheard of just a few short years ago. In addition to this trend, the urgent action that marketers need to be taking far outweighs the feelings of awe and wonder.

2017 Digital Marketing absolutely depends on a marketing professional’s ability to not only drive more traffic, but to segment the traffic based upon data variables. We have clients who see increased buying activity via their mobile users. In these cases, we segment PPC bids accordingly, and we allocate larger spending budgets where the most buying activity is occurring. Paid Marketing Experts should be targeting and segmenting their traffic, and keeping close tabs on their analytics data to understand where their best customers and leads are coming from. This will be essential to lead generation and e-Commerce in 2017.


4. Paid Social Media Advertising and Video are HOTTER Together!

Top 2017 Internet Marketing StrategiesIf your company is conducting paid advertising and marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat, then video IS your best friend. We are going to let you in on a little secret: With the proper implementation of paid social media campaigns that include a video, we are seeing some of the LOWEST costs per engagement that we’ve seen in a LONG time.  Videos are being favored by nearly all platforms, and their engagement is through the roof in terms of page likes, website clicks, and sales. With such a hot opportunity for increased ROI, even a small video that explains your company can generate huge results.


5. Continual Conversion Optimization is Where 90% of Companies Fail

Paid digital marketing campaigns should never be a “set and forget” effort. However, we often find that in addition to passive approaches to paid advertising, companies are just not paying attention to their data. Our clients are often surprised to find that their landing page needs to be tested against other landing page versions to realize the best ROI possible. We also see an incredible amount of wasted ad spend on accounts that do not continually test their ads with A/B Split Campaigns to determine the best performing ads. Clients are often surprised when we are able to decrease their CPC by up to 50% by implementing simple, yet long-term conversion optimization strategies.


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