Pay Per Click Professionals and Service

Services Utilized: Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Remarketing, Split Testing

Goal: Our client wanted to scale down their keyword list to focus on the keywords that were producing the highest profit margins.

Our Solution: We created a custom client metrics dashboard that integrated the client’s CRM and accounting software to monitor and analyze their keyword performance during a two-month timeframe. With all of the data being centralized, we were able to present the results to the client, who agreed that there were clear winners when it came to which keywords they should be competing and bidding on.

Result: After the testing had completed, the client’s keyword list became incredibly focused. They were able to confidently scale back on the amount of keywords they were bidding on, and were able to increase ROI by 54% due to eliminating keywords that did not perform as well in terms of profit for their company. These keywords hid in plain sight, as they appeared to be

These keywords hid in plain sight, as they appeared to be profitable while boasting fantastic CTR’s, but they did not add much value to the company’s bottom line in terms of high-margin sales and overall conversions.